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Um sem um tam

We are connecting professionals from business with professionals from non-profit sector based on short-term voluntary cooperation on specific projects. We have already arranged cooperation on over 400 projects. Through our website hundreds of professionals from various fields have supported non-profit organizations with more than 3,000 hours of their time.

What is unique about Um sem um tam is that it's all about skills based volunteering. We match NGOs with volunteers with specific professional knowledge and skill set. There is a wide variety of professions represented, ranging from graphic works, IT consultancy, webdesign, translations, accounting to event management, interior design and many others.

The service is open and free to use for NGOs and individual volunteers.

Corporate volunteering

Are you looking for a new way of corporate volunteering? With Um sem um tam, you can support the development of you employees and provide them with an opportunity to volunteer with a real impact. Allow your employees to donate one working day to a non-profit project.

Want to know more?

Please contact us at to arrange a meeting.